Responsible drinking programmes
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• “You wouldn’t sober, you shouldn’t drunk”
COUNTRY United Kingdom
TIMING 2014 > 2015
Responsible drinking


  • The Drinkaware Trust


  • To reduce the harms and costs associated with drunken nights out for both participants, and for key stakeholders such as the police, the NHS and the general public. 


  • The programme is based on Drinkaware’s strategic review, “Drunken Nights Out: Motivations. norms and rituals in the night-time economy” published in 2014.  The review provided new insights into the motivations behind intentional drunkenness and the appeal and risks of drunken nights out to a segment of young adults aged 18-24 in Britain. It recommended possible social marketing strategies to address binge drinking and public drunkenness among this audience.  From this, the issue of alcohol-fuelled sexual harassment was identified as an unwelcome but unavoidable aspect of a “drunken night out”.  In consumer research, messages to challenge this behaviour were found to resonate strongly with the 18 to 24 year old audience and to have significant potential to trigger reappraisal of excessive drinking amongst this age group.
  • A key objective for 2014 was to reduce incidences of alcohol-related antisocial behaviour in one local area.  When, early in 2014, the Home Office announced a list of twenty in England and Wales designated as Local Alcohol Action Areas (LAAA’s), Drinkaware selected the Nottinghamshire LAAA in which to develop a pilot consumer communications programme.  The pilot was subject to evaluation with a view to regional expansion in 2015.
  • Pilot campaign activity comprised the introduction of “Club Hosts” in three nightclub venues in Nottingham and Mansfield, and an advertising campaign across Nottinghamshire in cinema. social media and in Late-night venues.
  • Drinkaware Club Hosts were trained to identify vulnerable customers and to address alcohol-related sexual harassment before this escalated into more serious harm.  A process evaluation generated valuable initial leaming.
  • An advertising campaign ran concurrently to Club Hosts and drew attention to inappropriate drunken behaviour; the message “You wouldn’t sober, you shouldn’t drunk” reinforced that being drunk is no excuse for inappropriate behaviour. 


  • The campaign was seen by 45,000 people in Nottinghamshire of the intended audience of young adults aged 18 to 25 years.  
  • The campaign prompted an additional 7,650 18 to 24 year olds to talk about alcohol-related sexual harassment.  
  • An additional 4,500 18 to 24 year olds in Nottingham changed their views on alcohol as an excuse for sexual harassment on a night out. (In 2014)


  • 2014 evaluation showed:
    • Drinkaware Club Hosts had a positive impact in the venues and were able to help address a range of harmful behaviours including alcohol-related sexual harassment, petty crime, and violence. 
    • After the campaign, 40% of respondents said they had talked to a friend about the issue of sexual harassment in clubs and bars in the last month (rising from 28% of survey respondents before the campaign).
    • There was a significant increase, from 28% to 38% of the audience, in the proportion of respondents who agreed that alcohol is no excuse to grab or touch someone in a bar without consent. 
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